YARAT Contemporary Art Space presents Traces of Time travelling exhibition in Gakh region

YARAT Contemporary Art Space presented Traces of Time travelling exhibition with photography and video works from the permanent collection of YARAT Contemporary Art Centre from July 8. The exhibition aroused keen interest among the Gakh regions audience.

The exhibition Traces of Time revolves around the notion of the ordinary and offers a new way of contemplating minute surroundings with local and regional contemporary artists who work in the medium of film and photography. Included works are part of the YARAT Contemporary Art Centre’s Permanent Collection.

The exhibition also highlights ways of presenting the ordinary in order to highlight bigger and more acute issues. The series of photographs, seemingly just documenting the game, explore the themes of tradition and memory and how cultural identity is inherited and passed on through rituals, habits and games and how these activities attain sentimental dimension when removed from the original locale.