Web Desk February 20, 2021

A project of YASHAT Fund for children of martyrs born after Patriotic War continues, the Fund told APA.


Necessary expenditures of the two more newly born children of martyrs – son of martyr Elshad Mammadov Elshad and daughter of martyr Emin Aghazade Emiliya have been met.


For this purpose, AZN 1000 has been presented to mothers and an accounts worth AZN 5000 will be opened for the newly born babies.


Funds to this account are transferred from the amount collected through donations to the fund. Interest will be collected regularly on this amount, and the child of the martyr will be able to withdraw the amount collected after reaching the age of 16.


It should be noted that according to the agreement between the bank and the mother, in some cases, the mother will be able to withdraw the funds sooner. The mother can also exchange that amount for any currency.


It should be noted that the yashat.gov.az portal is used to apply to the YASHAT Fund and get acquainted with the Foundation’s activities.


Source: Azeri-Press News Agency

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