Zakir Hasanov: Azerbaijan Army has capacity to force Armenians to leave occupied lands unconditionally in short term (Azeri-Press News Agency)

Armenia’s military-criminal regime is conscious of the strength of our Armed Forces

Defense Minister, Colonel General Zakir Hasanov and Colonel General Nejmeddin Sadikov, First Deputy Defense Minister and Chief of the General Staff of Armed Forces, have visited military units of Special Forces.

Zakir Hasanov made the following speech before representatives of the Special Forces:

Serving here are the sons of Azerbaijan, who are loyal to their homeland and nation and ready to sacrifice their lives for our lands at any moment. The might of our army lies in its patriotism, heroism and professionalism. I can see our Special Forces have the whole of these qualities.

President of Azerbaijan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Ilham Aliyev’s remark that the soil under the enemy’s feet must catch fire has set a goal before us. That’s our target. With their psychological state undermined, resolute interception of the enemy’s reconnaissance-sabotage attempts, heavy losses inflicted on them, Armenia’s military-criminal regime have come to realize the strength of our Armed Forces. With that, the first stage of curbing their operational and activity capabilities came to a close successfully. Today, we state with confidence that our army has complete military advantage, controlling the operational conditions along the entire line of contact. By showing them our strength, we gave to the enemy a clear message. It would be worth noting the role of our Special Forces in the successful fulfillment of tasks during this stage. Now, we have a more crucial stage ahead – the second stage, which is to force the enemy to withdraw unconditionally from occupied Azerbaijani lands by inflicting decisive and crushing blows on the enemy.

We are able to cope with this task and will achieve it in a short-run. There can be no doubt. All of us must be ready for order of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief. Therefore, the personnel of the Armed Forces are increasing their combat readiness day-by-day. The Azerbaijani leadership and people believes in our Armed Forces, as well as Special Forces, appreciate your activity and are proud of you. In turn, we also have to be ready to justify this confidence. I congratulate you again and wish successes in your services, the defense minister noted.