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French president defends the so-called rights of the so-called state in the sovereign territory of Azerbaijan – Azerbaijani MP

“Unfortunately, France today absolutely leaves the impression of the center of religious colonial policy,” said MP Malahat Ibrahimgizi during the social discussion with the initiative of NGOs on the subject of “The Corsican story and the violation of basic human rights” at the international conference on “Islamophobia as a specific form of racism and discrimination: New Global and transnational challenges” dedicated to the International Day of Combating Islamophobia, APA reports. “Violation of the basic principles by France against national minorities and the commission of crimes in this direction have become widespread. I think that the issue of Corsica is an alarm bell in this direction. In the background of all this, French President Macron defends the so-called rights of a so-called state in the sovereign territory of Azerbaijan. France interferes in the internal affairs of almost all countries. Similarly, it shows support for Armenians in Karabakh toward separatism,” noted the MP.

Source: Azeri-Press News Agency