If you are not a successful person, you have no chance to be a successful businessman” – Jalal Kangarli

_: – Photographer, director, fashion designer and businessman Jalal Kangarli. How do you enjoy being remembered the most?

– Let me give a rhetorical answer to your rhetorical question. Jalal Kangarli – a revanchist reformer trying to catch the pulse of the times, a businessman who loves art and thinks like an economist. If I have to give a specific answer, as you know, “Kengerli company” operates in several directions. Despite the work of relevant professionals in each field, their administration, management system, accounting, and most importantly, their authority and responsibility are related to me. That is, it is under my control. This status defines me as a businessman whether I like it or not.

– Are you where you would like to see yourself ten years ago?

– I have achieved quite a lot, but I also have goals. I am moving forward in the direction I desire.

– A successful businessman or a successful person?

– Undoubtedly, a successful person. I think that if a person is not successful, there is no chan
ce of becoming a successful businessman. Without personal success, one cannot succeed in business either. Because business is primarily about communicating with people, connecting with people. When the human characteristics are not good, these two main factors cannot be overcome. And if you don’t do it well, it’s definitely not possible to be a good businessman or manager.

– As we know, you are known as a videographer and later you created your own clothing brand. Finally, you made a name for yourself with an architecture and design company. Your clothing brand is not as ambitious as a design company. What is it about? Isn’t it difficult to do several things at the same time?

– We were very ambitious in the years when we launched our clothing line. During these years, we dressed all the stars, successfully participated in “fashion weeks” in Paris and Moscow, and were able to mention the name of Kengerli. But after the pandemic, the situation changed. One of the sectors hit by the pandemic was the clothing s
ector. After the pandemic, fashion changed, people preferred simpler clothes. In addition, online ordering systems have seriously damaged private design. Do you know what the Puma syndrome is? Being the fastest of the land animals, the cougar must hunt very intelligently for its daily food consumption. They avoid wasting energy, they don’t spend energy on small prey. Because if the cougar spends a lot of energy on small prey, it can’t make much effort to find new prey the next day. He must either chase the big game, use his energy for bigger and more satisfying purposes, or give up and make new plans. That is why the vast majority of cougars make this distinction and skillfully catch their prey. They act in a planned manner without wasting time and energy, they do their calculations well.

– Especially in recent times, the number of people whose work does not coincide with their higher education has increased. What do you think about this, will we be successful if our spirit or knowledge comes to the fore in
what we do?

– There is truth in your words. We just have to take into account that now it is much easier and accessible to get an education and education in any direction. MBY, study abroad, online study, etc. Therefore, if it suits your soul, you should increase your business knowledge and do the work that is interesting to you, that pleases your soul, and that you love.

– Your source of motivation during challenging times?

– My source of motivation is my faith and what I have achieved so far with hard work. I love reading, I have a list of books I have read and want to read. They are in two columns. And one of the columns is rapidly shrinking. I practice meditation. I advise you too.

– Kangarli and Co Architecture and Design company’s Kangarli kit line is hidden at what points. What makes you different in this field?

– All my work is related to creative arts. Either the director or the clothing line. Interior as well. We also reflect our taste in the interior. We look at the interior not just as a hous
e, as a place of residence, but as a way of life, and we approach it creatively. We think that our difference from many others is that every interior or exterior we create is both individual and creative, and at the same time comfortable and functional.

– Is success a product of the mind or luck?

– There is no doubt that lasting and sustainable success is a work of the mind! Because you still need the mind to appreciate the chance!

– What is your advice to young people who want to prove themselves in the business world?

– Defining goals accurately and correctly, being stable-minded, strong-willed, confident and fair.

– What innovations are expected in your reputation in the near future?

– I have specific goals. To achieve the goal, there must be a sound foundation. I think I made it. Time and demand help me take steps on new plans. But currently, I am working on our company’s system to make the wheel spin more stable, to develop myself and my team.

Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency

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