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As a result of crash in Azerbaijan’s Astara, three members of family burned to death-PHOTO

A crash in Astara has claimed three lives, APA’s South Bureau reports.

The incident occurred in Archivan village.

31-year-old Elman Mirzammad, a president of Shiyakaran village of the district, has lost control while driving a 99-SZ-632 BMW and crashed into a vehicle with high tonnage.

The vehicle crashed into a stable truck, belonging to Russian citizen Magammadamin Abdullash (56 years old).

The impact of the blow caused the car to catch fire.

As a result of the crash, the driver and his wife Aliyeva Fargana Ilham (22), and their three-year-old daughter Aliyeva Gulkhanim Elman were burnt to death in the car.

Source: Azeri-Press news agency