Aykhan Hajizada: Armenian side forms a false opinion among the public

The Armenian side interprets some of the elements it proposed to the draft peace agreement by taking them out of context and forming a false opinion among the public. This approach does not contribute positively to the process, but rather is intended to obstruct the negotiations on a peace agreement, said head of the Press Service Department of Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry Aykhan Hajizada. “As for the claims of the Armenian Foreign Minister regarding the “international mechanism for the rights and security” of the Armenian residents living in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, we would like to underline that Azerbaijan’s position on this issue is known to Armenia. Efforts to include a provision on this issue in the draft bilateral peace agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia, which are contrary to the norms and principles of international law, demonstrate that Armenia has not yet abandoned its territorial claims against Azerbaijan, and such attempts will yield no results,” the FM`s spokesperson emphasized.

Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency