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Azerbaijan establishes rules for issuing travel permits to Shusha and Sugovushan

A number of rules will be applied when issuing travel permits to citizens in the direction of Azerbaijan’s Shusha and Sughovushan, Azerbaijan Ministry of Digital Development and Transportation and the State Tourism Agency said, Trend reports.

Detailed information about it is available on the portal “Yolumuz Qarabaga”.

Trips can be made by personal passenger cars, the number of seats in which does not exceed nine, including the driver’s seat.

Under personal passenger cars are meant vehicles with the state automobile registration plate of the Republic of Azerbaijan, corresponding to category B. The validity period of the permits will be two days for Shusha and one day for Sugovushan settlement. In order to streamline travel and ensure the safety of passengers, initially 80 cars will be allowed to enter Shusha and 60 cars will be allowed to enter Sugovushan during the day.
Source: TREND News Agency