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Azerbaijan sees increase in number of visitors from Uzbekistan in 2022

BAKU, Azerbaijan, The number of people visiting Azerbaijan from Uzbekistan amounted to 25,920 in 2022, which is a six-fold increase, compared to 2021 (3,959 people), Trend reports via the State Statistics Committee of Azerbaijan.


According to the agency, Uzbekistan ranked 11th in the top 15 countries in terms of the number of visitors to Azerbaijan during the reporting period.


During this period, some 1.602 million foreigners and stateless persons from 178 countries visited Azerbaijan. This figure has doubled, compared to the same period in 2021 (791,800).


According to the Uzbek State Statistics Committee, a total of 10,400 foreigners from Azerbaijan visited Uzbekistan in 2022.


Furthermore, some 5.2 million foreigners visited Uzbekistan in 2022, which is 2.8 times more than in the same period last year.


Tourists from countries such as Russia (567,700 people), Türkiye (75,600 people), South Korea (19,900 people), Germany (17,700 people), India (16,800 people), USA (13,100 people), France (11,000 people), UK (10,500 people), Italy (8,800 people), Spain (6,300 people), and China (5,400 people) have also traveled to Uzbekistan in 2022.


Source: TREND News Agency