admin October 11, 2021

There have never been forces of third countries on the border of Azerbaijan, they do not exist now, nor will be in future. This is stated in the statement of the State Border Service of Azerbaijan on Monday.

The statement was made in response to the “untrue” statements published in the Iranian media by the commander of the border forces of this country, Ali Gudarzi.

“Allegations about activities of foreign religious radicals in Azerbaijan, as well as executing intelligence operations by third countries against Iran are false and contrary to reality,” the statement reads.

It has to be kept in mind that the border service of Azerbaijan uses the latest equipment and needs no foreign specialists to protect its borders.

As for the protection of 21 km. In considering a section of the Goris-Kafan road passes through the territory of Azerbaijan, then it is the sovereign right of the country to establish border and customs points there.

Note that the border services of Iran and Azerbaijan have been maintaining contacts and holding regular meetings for many years. However, until now, for some reason, the Iranian side has never raised questions of this sort, nor presented a single fact.

“The border service of Azerbaijan calls on Iranian colleagues to be responsible and refrain from spreading slanderous and provocative messages,” the statement said.

Source: Turan News Agency