Population of Kyrgyzstan grows by 1.5 million people for 13 years

Over 13 years that have passed since the 2009 census, the resident population of the Kyrgyz Republic has grown by 1,573.4 million people, or by 29.3 percent. The National Statistical Committee reported.


According to the results obtained during the census, the resident population of Kyrgyzstan as of March 25, 2022 reached 6,936 million people, including 2,408 million people — urban and 4,528 million people — rural population.


Since 2009, the urban population has grown by 581,000 people, or 31.8 percent, while the rural population has grown by 992,300 people, or 28.1 percent.


Source: 24.kg News Agency

Health Ministry pays attention to improving quality of medical services

The Ministry of Health of Kyrgyzstan pays attention to improving the quality of medical services, material and technical equipment. The Deputy Minister Ulan Sadykov said on the air of Birinchi Radio.


«A person should apply to the healthcare organization at the place of residence. But the quality of service in the regions leaves much to be desired, and many patients go to the central clinics in Bishkek. Therefore, attention is now being paid to strengthening regional structures,» he said.


Ulan Sadykov added that high-tech equipment has recently been purchased, for example, MRI scanners, which is being installed in regional hospitals.


Source: 24.kg News Agency

Suicide attempt in Bishkek: Man has burns over 30 percent of body

A man who attempted self-immolation near the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University (KRSU) in Bishkek was hospitalized in the Clinical Emergency Hospital. Yegor Borisov, deputy director of the Center for Emergency Medicine, told 24.kg news agency.


According to him, the man has approximately 30 percent burns over his body.


«The severity — the second or third degree, quite serious burns. Hands — fourth degree. He doused himself in gasoline. The reasons are unknown,» Yegor Borisov said.


Earlier it was reported that the man tried to set himself on fire in Bishkek near KRSU building. This happened at about 4 p.m. on Tuesday.


Source: 24.kg News Agency

Minor girl gives birth and kills newborn in Kaindy

The Panfilovsky District Court ruled against a 17-year-old girl, who killed her newborn child. The court decision says.


The minor gave birth to a child at home on her own and then stabbed the newborn in the chest several times with a knife. She was charged under the article «Murder of a newborn child by mother» of the Criminal Code of the Kyrgyz Republic.


«During the trial, the accused pleaded guilty, repented, asked to take into account the fact that she was a minor,» the court ruling states.


As a result, the court took measures of forced education in relation to the girl. She was handed over under the supervision of parents and guardianship authorities.


Source: 24.kg News Agency

Number of infected with coronavirus exceeds 675.2 million people globally

The number of people infected with coronavirus has grown by 171,631 globally over the past 24 hours. Data of an online map developed by scientists say.


In total, 675,297,825 people got infected with coronavirus. The highest number of the infected is in the United States (103,420,826), India (44,686,371), Brazil (37,052,936), France (39,827,175), Russia (21,960,719), Turkey (17,042,722), Great Britain (24,603,373), Italy (25,576,852), Spain (13,763,336), Germany (38,168,908), Argentina (10,044,125), Iran (7,567,906) and Columbia (6,357,173).


At least 6,871,643 people died from the virus, including 1,119,885 people — in the USA, 699,087— in Brazil, 332,988— in Mexico, 530,771— in India, 219,721— in the UK, 188,094— in Italy and 388,126— in Russia.


At least 206,672 cases of coronavirus were registered in Kyrgyzstan, 1,498,668 cases — in Kazakhstan, 250,932— in Uzbekistan, 17,721 — in Tajikistan.


Source: 24.kg News Agency

Man dies after setting himself on fire in Bishkek

The man who set himself on fire died in the hospital. Press center of the Ministry of Health confirmed the information to 24.kg news agency.


The incident happened on Tuesday near the building of the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University in Bishkek. The man doused himself in gasoline and set himself on fire, the fire was extinguished by passers-by.


The ambulance took the man to the hospital with severe burns.


Source: 24.kg News Agency