“Customs ‘special operation’ at Baku airport

Vigilant customs officers reported the discovery of a large batch of “contraband” at Baku airport on 23 March. A message on the website of the State Customs Committee says of “discovery of branded clothing items undeclared at the customs” (!) The customs further reveals details of this “special operation”: “Based on the information received by the Operative Investigation Department of the Main Customs Administration on Air Transport, the luggage of a citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan arriving on the Istanbul-Baku flight was checked when she wanted to leave the customs control zone of the CIP hall of Heydar Aliyev International Airport”. (You would think from this phrase that all the other passengers are staying there overnight. Besides, there is no CIP lounge at Baku airport). “During the inspection, a large number of brand name clothing of various brands, Cartier watches, 175 grams of jewellery and other goods not declared verbally, in writing or electronically to the customs authority were found in the hand luggage. The fact is being investigated”. To demonstrate the “success” of the customs officers, the website publishes pictures of the goods, which the customs apparently believe to be contraband. The message does not explain why the shown homies, trainers, T-shirts and other items cannot be imported. It is also not clear what exactly is being investigated, is there a violation of legislation? If so, what kind of legislation? The message itself that “undeclared branded items have been identified” looks illiterate and stupid. Since when do branded items have to be declared? Don’t customs know that these same “branded” homies and trainers are sold on the street, at every step for ridiculous prices in Istanbul.

Source: Turan News Agency