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Gela Vasadze: Joining Georgia-Azerbaijan-Türkiye trilateral format will give Armenia the main thing – peace

The trilateral format of regional cooperation Georgia-Azerbaijan-Türkiye aims to ensure the security and efficiency of regional projects. Joining this format will give Armenia the main thing in our time – peace, Gela Vasadze, a Georgian political analyst and author of the YouTube channel News from the Caucasus, has told AZERTAC.

Tbilisi has just hosted a meeting of the heads of the foreign relations committees of the parliaments of Georgia, Azerbaijan and Türkiye. The sides discussed issues related to the deepening of regional cooperation in the interests of peace and stability in the South Caucasus, the communication function of the region, the importance of transit corridors such as the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline, the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway, the Southern Gas Corridor, the Middle Corridor, as well as the Black Sea subsea cable project.

“It is all simple and clear: all three countries must ensure the security and efficiency of regional projects (logistical and energy), which are an important part of both the economy and the national security of the countries. Moreover, the issue of national security is of paramount importance. We are interested in these projects. In different ways: whereas for Türkiye this is one of the many pieces of the puzzle, for Georgia and Azerbaijan these are backbone projects,” Vasadze noted.

According to him, politically, this would mean the strengthening of security of our countries, which is already quite a lot in our troubled time. In addition, Türkiye and Georgia are members of the Ramstein club, Azerbaijan actively participates in the Non-Aligned Movement, all three countries are involved in a variety of international formats, which significantly expands the possibilities of supporting each other, the expert believes.

Answering the question whether after the normalization of relations with Azerbaijan and Türkiye in the future Armenia could join this format and what it would gain in this case, Gela Vasadze said there was such an opportunity, but only after solving problems with these countries. “I would really like that to happen. Unfortunately, so far I do not see any prospects in this direction. I do see prospects in the future. Under the current circumstances, a complete normalization of relations is impossible. But we can be surprised with a pleasant turn of events, so I hope to be surprised in the near future. As for the second part of the question, Armenia will acquire the main thing in our time – peace,” the political analyst emphasized.

Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency