Ministry discloses volume of grain harvested in Azerbaijan

Some 971,747 tons of grain were harvested from 315,799 hectares of land in Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijani Ministry of Agriculture told Trend on June 17.

The average grain yield is 30.8 centners.

According to the ministry, barley has been sown on a 249,943-hectare-area while wheat has been sown on a 65,856-hectare-area so far.

Moreover, 768,681 tons of barley and 203,066 tons of wheat were harvested.

“The average yield of barley exceeds 39 centners in Aghdam, Balakan, Imishli, Saatli, Salyan, Sabirabad, Samukh, and Tartar districts,” the ministry said.

Some 1,642 combine harvesters are involved in the process of grain harvesting.

“Some 918 of those harvesters are owned by individuals and legal entities, 508 harvesters are owned by the district branches of Agroservice OJSC,” the ministry said. “Moreover, 216 harvesters are in the districts where grain is being actively harvested.”

“Until now, the harvesters of Agroservice OJSC have threshed 117,214 hectares while private harvesters – 198,585 hectares,” the ministry said. “Harvesting is underway.”


Source: TREND News Agency