Mukhtar Babayev: We hope that all countries will show understanding and solidarity regarding COP29

‘For several months, our team has been preparing for COP29. Today’s event is an opportunity to hear suggestions. We hope that when it comes to COP29, all nations will demonstrate compassion and solidarity. By combining their efforts, they will be closer to each other, which will help us to solve the issues,” said Azerbaijan’s Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources, COP29 President-Designate Mukhtar Babayev at a presentation ceremony regarding the COP29 held as part of the Lachin Climate Action Dialogue.

Speaking about preparations for this prestigious event, Mukhtar Babayev added: ‘We encourage you to be productive in all preparations related to COP29 and actively draft the agenda for this event. I think we have a lot to discuss.’

Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency