New school building constructed in Kyzyl-Kiya with support of RKDF

A new building of a secondary school was constructed in Kyzyl-Kiya with the support of the Russian-Kyrgyz Development Fund (RKDF). The press service of the RKDF reported.

The project was implemented by Azamat private educational complex. The institution began work in 2019 and accommodated 100 students. Thanks to the project, its capacity has been increased to 450 students. The new building with a total area of 1,717 square meters is fully equipped with the necessary equipment and furniture.

RKDF allocated $512,000 for the project.

«The funds were directed to the construction of a three-story building, a sports hall and landscaping,» Aida Abdullayeva, director of Azamat educational complex, said. «Now we are admitting students from grades 0 to 11, this is a full-day school with an afterschool program and three meals a day.»

Artem Novikov, Chairman of the Board of the RKDF, stressed that at the beginning of the project it was planned that 280 children would learn there. «However, we allocated additional funding, which allowed us to increase the capacity of the school. Now even more residents of Kyzyl-Kiya will be able to send their children there and the problem of overcrowding in local schools will be partially resolved,» he said.

Artem Novikov added that the fund provides maximum assistance to the Cabinet of Ministers in the implementation of social development projects in the regions of the Kyrgyz Republic. This school is the seventh project in this area.

Source: News Agency