Ownership rights for three joint-stock companies privatized through investment competitions determined

In 2022, the State Property Service granted property rights to the companies, which in previous years were winners of investment competitions for privatization of three joint stock companies and fulfilled undertaken obligations. In response to an information request, the SPS noted that it is about “Gabala D. Yusifov Salmon Fish Reproduction Plant” OJSC , “Sumqayit Superfosfat” OJSC and “C?lilabad S?rab-9” OJSC. The winner of the tender for sale of 100% of shares of “Gabala D. Yusifov Salmon Fish Reproduction Plant” OJSC was “Azerbaijan Fish Farm” LLC http://lmh.az/company/fish (a subsidiary of Lu-Mun LLC) and 99.83% of shares of “Sumqayit Superphosphate” OJSC – “Polad Texno” LLC. However, who got 99.72% of shares of “C?lilabad S?rab-9” OJSC was not informed on the results of the investment bidding in 2018, nor on the request of Turan News Agency to the SPS. It might be recalled that “Azerbaijan Fish Farm” LLC pledged to invest AZN 1.1 million in the fish enterprise, “Polad Texno” LLC in “Sumgayit Superphosphate Plant” – AZN 64 million. Investments to Jalilabad Winery #9 were to amount to AZN 0.4 million.

Source: Turan News Agency