President: We worked very hard to channel funds, which we accumulated from energy revenues, to transportation infrastructure

“We worked very hard in order to channel the funds, which we accumulated from oil and gas revenues, to transportation infrastructure. Now it is almost done. It was almost done based on the prognosis, which we had and which actually is totally covered by our infrastructure,” President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said at a meeting with heads of Germany’s leading companies in Berlin.

The head of state touched upon the growing demand for Azerbaijani transportation infrastructure as a result of the Russia-Ukraine war, adding: “Last year we had an increase in transit goods by more than 75%. And we even had some jam at our relatively newly-built Trade Sea Port, which has a handling capacity of 15 million tons. So, we are working very hard. We allocate additional financing for expansion of the capacity of our seaports and railroad infrastructure. And, of course, all that needs to be implemented. And of course, we hope that companies from Germany will be our partners in that area.”

Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency