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The Future of Password Management With Passwork 5.0

Featured Image for Passwork

Featured Image for Passwork

HELSINKI, July 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Passwork, an innovative corporate password manager, has just released the latest incarnation of their flagship product – Passwork Self-hosted 5.0.

The new version is coming packed with features and is set to blow the global competition out of the water. First of all, the interface has undergone a revamp, with the addition of a new access rights window that will make the user experience as seamless as possible. Indeed, users will now be able to access vaults, folders, links and passwords all in one place. Rights can now be bulk-managed, while search filters allow users to display all objects listed with a certain access right. It’s also quicker than ever to see who has accessed vaults and folders and basic information regarding the number of users, roles, links and sent passwords; now, users are able to view this information by hovering over the icon next to the name of a vault or folder.

The logic of the system has also undergone some changes, the biggest of which being Passwork’s migration to PHP 8. As a response to community feedback, the platform will now allow users to grant access to individual passwords without the need to add users to a vault beforehand. Moreover, users may add TOTP keys and then generate 2FA codes which will be updated every 30 seconds. These codes may be stored separately from the main passwords, providing maximum security. Also, failed login attempts are now displayed in the ‘action history’, which will allow users to better track unauthorized access attempts and the actions of blocked users. This feature may be enabled as a Filter through the Action column.

In terms of more general updates, the system is now able to handle a much higher user load. Passwork Self-Hosted 5.0 was recently tested at a 20,000+ user capacity, which it passed with flying colors. There’re also improved LDAP integration features, including: a test mode for LDAP roles and groups linking; the ability to save LDAP logs to a CSV file; and the ability to update user attributes during synchronization with the LDAP directory. The mobile app also underwent some specific changes, with support for Passwork 5.0 implemented, the ability to copy passwords with a long press added, a new home screen that separates vaults by type, inbox passwords, an improved search mechanism and a brand new debug mode. This is the future of password management.

The full list of updates is displayed in the article about the new version.
About Passwork 

Founded in 2014, Passwork is a Finnish company that offers a self-hosted and cloud-based password manager to businesses all across the globe looking to increase company-wide security and productivity while reducing the manual routine and risks of data breaches. Passwork’s solution can be tailored to businesses of any size, working within any vertical market. To find out more, get in touch to book a demo.


Media Contact: Andrew Piankov


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