The results of medical examination and tests of Gubad Ibadoglu are falsified

The results of tests and medical examinations of Gubad Ibadoglu in documents for the European Court of Human Rights are falsified, his brother Galib Bayramov wrote on Facebook. According to him, Ibadoglu’s family and lawyers have not been given the results of tests and examinations conducted on July 25 for a long time, despite repeated appeals. “The last time I asked for the results on September 4 from the curator of the Baku pre-trial detention center in the Main Medical Department of the Ministry of Justice, Elnur Mammadov. He said they would be ready in 10 days. However, the next day he called the lawyer Zibeida Sadygova, so that she urgently took the examinations. Moreover, they gave out only 21 pages out of 80. The reason for such haste is the need to respond to the ECHR, which demanded to provide medical assistance to Gubad Ibadoglu. A paper was attached to the response to the ECHR that the results of the examinations were issued to the lawyer,” Bayramov continued. According to him, the Ibadoglu family
analyzed the issued documents together with a cardiologist and an endocrinologist. “From the documents issued by the Medical Department of the Ministry of Justice, it follows that the indicators of cholesterol, hemoglobin, ALT, AST, creatine, blood pressure, etc. are ideal. For the sake of “objectivity”, blood sugar indicators are overestimated, but their real level is not indicated. Moreover, the words of my brother, who allegedly stated that he had no complaints about his health, were falsified,” Bayramov noted. The fact that the results of all tests are handwritten also speaks in favor of falsifications, although in all clinics the indicators are entered into a computer that processes their data and issues them in printed form. At the end of some tests, the name of the laboratory assistant is not indicated. The indicators of the biochemical blood test were indicated as normal. Suffering from aortic dilatation, left ventricular hypertrophy and diastolic dysfunction, acute form of diabetes mellitus and blood
pressure, held for about 2 months in custody, the test results cannot be so ideal, said Gubad Ibadoglu’s brother

Source: Turan News Agency