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Turkmenistan’s transit role proves vital for advancing Middle Corridor development – OSJD

ASHGABAT: Strengthening Turkmenistan’s transit role is important for the development of the Middle Corridor, Trend reports.

Chairman of the Organization for Co-operation between Railways (OSJD) Miroslaw Antonowicz stated on the sidelines of the 38th Conference of heads and responsible representatives of railway transport enterprises of the OSJD member countries in Ashgabat city.

“I think that strengthening the transit role of Turkmenistan as a strategic line on the ‘Silk Road’ is very important for our organization, including from the point of view of the development of the Middle Corridor,” he said.

He noted that OSJD is beginning to negotiate with other Eurasian countries so that they not only join enterprises but become full members of organizations.

As for the key goals facing the structure today in general and on the agenda of this meeting in particular, the Chairman of OSJD called the development of rail transport the most environmentally friendly mode of transport in the world at the present time.

Today our organization unites 30 countries, and we are expanding. In recent years, the Republic of Korea and Laos have become members. Today, representatives of more than 20 countries are present here in Ashgabat city, and I hope that new enterprises will be accepted into OSJD at this meeting,” Miroslaw Antonowicz said.

Meanwhile, the 38th meeting of the Conference of heads and responsible representatives of railway transport enterprises of the member countries of the Organisation for Co-operation between Railways (OSJD) began its work in Ashgabat city yesterday, which will last by April 19.

The event is attended by heads and senior representatives of railway departments from 20 OSJD member nations, as well as observers from four countries: Finland, France, Germany, and Greece.

Source: Trend News Agency