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UN Azerbaijan and PASHA Holding held an event within the framework of the “29 Climate Conversations: Road to COP29” Program (PHOTO)

BAKU: The recent event in the “29 Climate Conversations: The Road to COP29” series, held in collaboration with UN Azerbaijan and PASHA Holding, focused on the theme “Overview of the UN Climate Change Conference: Private Sector Perspectives.” PASHA Holding, one of the leading companies in the country, demonstrated its commitment to raising awareness about the UN Climate Change Conference and the role of the private sector in climate action and just transition. This event took place on May 10th with the participation of over 200 employees of PASHA Group companies.

During the event, Teymur Huseynov, Group Strategy Director of PASHA Holding, Elnur Soltanov, the Chief Executive Officer of COP29 Azerbaijan, and Vladanka Andreeva, the Resident Coordinator of the UN in Azerbaijan, presented opening speeches. Distinguished speakers, including Cecilia Njenga, Director of Intergovernmental Support and Collective Progress Division at UNFCCC, Fernando Castellanos, Head of Environment and Climate at UN Global Compact, and
Ilkin Hajiyev, Founder and Executive Director at Sustainera Solutions, delivered insightful presentations.

Vladanka Andreeva, Resident Coordinator of the UN in Azerbaijan, highlighted the significance of the partnership with PASHA Holding, stating, “The private sector is one of the critical actors for climate action, and we are pleased to partner with PASHA Holding on this important priority, not only for the country but also for the world.”

‘Recognizing the critical importance of addressing climate challenges, we have proactively initiated an opportunity to enhance awareness among our stakeholders regarding both the COP29 and climate issues. Upon learning about the ’29 Climate Conversations’ initiative spearheaded by UN Azerbaijan, we swiftly conveyed our commitment to participate. This initiative encompasses a series of 29 events organized by the UN Azerbaijan, with four of these events being conducted in collaboration with PASHA Holding. Today we are holding the first of these events, and as part of ou
r commitment to our employees, we are commencing discussions with PASHA Group employees,” mentioned Teymur Huseynov.

Additionally, during the event, participants were given the opportunity to donate to the ecological projects currently implemented by the Karabakh Revival Fund.

The “29 Climate Conversations: Road to COP29” program aims to foster collaborative action and dialogue across different sectors to combat the global climate crisis. In the next events of this series, which will be organized with the support of PASHA Holding, the participation of local and international media representatives, clients, partners, and non-governmental organizations as well as experts from various UN agencies on the subject are planned.

Source: Trend News Agency