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Vegetable pathogen detected in batch of pepper imported to Azerbaijan

The brown wrinkle virus, which is a pathogen of vegetable crops, was detected in the fruits of pepper imported to Azerbaijan from Turkey, Trend reports with reference to the Food Safety Agency of Azerbaijan.

“The batch of pepper imported to Azerbaijan on November 30 by Best Supply Company LLC and on December 3 – by Amotrade LLC were checked by agency inspectors. The samples were transferred to the laboratory of the Institute of Food Safety. As a result of the analyzes, the brown wrinkle virus was detected in five samples. Therefore, it was decided to send all batches of pepper imported to Azerbaijan for laboratory research. If a virus is detected in them, all products will be returned to the supplier country or destroyed,” the agency said.

The brown wrinkle virus of fruits, in addition to Turkey, is widespread in many countries of the world, including Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, and Belgium. Besides the pepper, it infects tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes, and tobacco.


Source: Trend News Agency