Webuild: 2022 turnover of €8.2bn above expectations, €16bn of new orders

Pietro Salini, CEO of Webuild.

“We are particularly proud to have achieved very challenging results, as the crowning achievement of a strategic industrial plan that has guided our actions and choices over the past 10 years, together with the 83,000 people who now work with us worldwide”, commented the CEO of Webuild, Pietro Salini.

ROME, March 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (LaPresse) — Strong growth in 2022: Webuild exceeded expectations by closing last year with a turnover of €8.2 billion, 22 per cent higher than in 2021, and EBITDA at €572 million, up 27 per cent. The Italian multinational construction and engineering group saw an increase in its orders worldwide last year, with €16 billion of new orders, 75 per cent of which came from foreign markets; in total, orders reached €54.3 billion, a record result for the second consecutive year. Overall, 70 per cent of the turnover was generated abroad, although Italy remains a strategic market for the group.

“We are particularly proud to have achieved very challenging results, as the crowning achievement of a strategic industrial plan that has guided our actions and choices over the past 10 years, together with the 83,000 people who now work with us worldwide,” commented the CEO of Webuild, Pietro Salini. “We close 2022 with strong growth results and a positioning that allows Webuild to establish itself more and more as a strategic player in the infrastructure sector in Italy and abroad, counting on a strong presence anchored in low-risk markets.” “We have gained a larger presence that allows us to be more and more competitive,” Salini continued, “delivering quality infrastructure that improves the lives of clients and local communities, such as subways, high-speed railways, dams, desalination plants, and bridges. 70% of our record turnover of €8.2 billion was generated abroad, in countries such as Australia, the United States, and Northern Europe, where we invested in innovative technologies for sustainable and safe projects. The Roadmap to 2025 marks the consolidation of a new phase for Webuild and its 17,500 suppliers around the world who work together with us, through which we intend to strengthen our partnership with the governments of the countries in which we operate, with the aim of accelerating the ecological and energy transition process and responding to the main megatrends at global level, such as climate change, population growth, urbanisation and the scarcity of resources, particularly water.”

The strategic guidelines for the next three years will enable the Webuild Group to achieve a turnover of between €10.5-11.0 billion in 2025, an EBITDA of between €990-1,050 million and a solid financial structure with a net cash position.

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North Korea says it launched Hwasong-17 ICBM to counter ‘invasive’ US-ROK drills

North Korea launched a Hwasong-17 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) from Pyongyang International Airport on Thursday as a direct response to ‘provocative and invasive large-scale drills by the U.S. and south Korea’ this week, according to state media, according to NK News.
The Rodong Sinmun reported Friday that leader Kim Jong Un watched the launch of the country’s largest nuclear missile with his daughter, and that it was meant to ‘send a warning’ to Washington and Seoul to halt their exercises.
‘The enemies [are] intentionally escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula while persistently resorting to irresponsible and reckless military threats in defiance of the DPRK’s severe warnings,’ the report said.
It also insisted that the launch ‘had no negative impact on the security of neighboring countries.’
The launch took place as the U.S. and South Korea are conducting large-scale joint exercises on the peninsula called Freedom Shield from March 13-23.
U.S. Pentagon Press Secretary Pat Ryder told reporters on Thursday that the drills successfully ‘deter’ Pyongyang from attacking and that the DPRK’s reactions with missile launches are ‘destabilizing and concerning.’
State media coverage of the missile test did not mention the high-profile summit between Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol, which took place in Tokyo just hours later. The two are set to meet again Friday for a second day of talks.

Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency

Teymur Muskenli village, Gubadli district

Teymur Muskenli village of the Gubadli district is located on the bank of Bargushad River, in the foothills of Salk Mountain.
The village was occupied by Armenian armed forces in August 31, 1993. During the occupation, Armenian vandals destroyed the village and turned it into ruins.
The valiant Azerbaijani Army, which crushed the Armenian armed forces in the Patriotic War, liberated the village from occupation.
AZERTAC presents footages of Teymur Muskenli village, which was subjected to Armenian vandalism during the occupation.

Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency

President of Trkiye holds briefing on results of OTS Summit in Ankara

‘We have successfully finished the Extraordinary Summit of the Heads of State of the Organization of Turkic States (OTS) in Ankara. Members and observers of our Organization have gathered in solidarity over the earthquake and floods that occurred in our country. I once again thank my esteemed brothers for participating in the Summit,’ President of Turkiye Recep Tayyip Erdogan told a briefing for local and foreign media over the results of the Extraordinary Summit of the Heads of State of the Organization of Turkic States in Ankara.
Erdogan expressed satisfaction with the fact that the delegation of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus first time joined the Samarkand Summit last year as an observer.
He noted that the agreement to establish the Turkic Investment Fund is a ‘concrete’ result of the Summit.
The Turkish President provided information about the decision of the participants to create the civil protection mechanism until the next summit.
President Erdogan thanked Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan as chair of the Organization of Turkish States and all other countries and delegations for the initiative to conduct the Ankara Summit.

Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency

Azerbaijani chess players to compete at European Women`s Chess Championship in Montenegro

Azerbaijani chess players will test their strength at the 23rd European Women Chess Championship to be held in Petrovac, Montenegro on March 18-29.
Azerbaijan`s hopes will be pinned on 14 female chess players.
The Swiss-system championship, which will bring together chess players from 35 countries, will feature 11 rounds. The rate of play is 90 minutes for 40 moves + 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an increment of 30 seconds for every move starting from move 1.
The 23rd European Women`s Championship implies qualification for the next World Women`s Cup. According to FIDE regulations and the decision of the ECU Board, 9 players will qualify.
The total prize fund of the event is 60.000 EUR.

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Azerbaijan joins international tourism fair in Vienna

Azerbaijan has presented its tourism potential at the Ferien-Messe Wien, the international event for holidays, Austria’s largest fair, which is held for the 44th time after a break due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Azerbaijan`s stand, which is set up by the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Austria, features books, CDs, booklets and advertising printed products reflecting Azerbaijan’s tourism potential, as well as promotional materials.
The event, supported by the Azerbaijan Tourism Bureau and the Azerbaijan Culture Center operating in Vienna, demonstrated materials about Karabakh and Shusha along with tourism opportunities of Azerbaijan, different regions, culture and history of the country. The Azerbaijan’s pavilion featured video materials dedicated to the beautiful places of Azerbaijan. Since this year the tourism fair coincided with Novruz holiday, visitors were presented with Novruz attributes, national sweets and souvenirs.
The fair brought together more than 800 companies operating in the field of tourism, travel and leisure organization from more than 70 countries of the world. Along with various countries, 9 federal states of Austria also demonstrate their tourism opportunities in the area with a total area of more than 29 thousand square meters. An average of 150,000 visitors visit the fair every year.
Along with the information on vacation opportunities in different countries of the world, the international fair provides an opportunity for companies working in the tourism sector to exchange ideas and get acquainted with new trends.
The international fair last continue until March 19.

Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency