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Aliyevs congratulated veterans of the Second World War

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and First Vice-President Mehriban Aliyeva have taken to social media to commemorate Victory Day on May 9. President Aliyev tweeted his congratulations to Azerbaijani veterans for their victory over fascism during World War II. Meanwhile, First Vice-President Aliyeva shared a post on her social media account, congratulating all veterans on their victory over fascism and wishing good health to all citizens, as well as progress and peace for their country. During the war, there were more than 681,000 soldiers and officers in Azerbaijan, every fifth resident who fought at the front. 250,000 of them were killed. More than 400,000 soldiers and officers received military orders and medals, 14 people became full holders of the Order of Glory, 123 were awarded the title of Heroes of the Soviet Union, and 44 were ethnic Azerbaijanis. Baku was the main supplier of oil and petroleum products, producing at that time more than 70% of the total volume in the USSR. More than 130 types of weapons and ammunition were produced in Baku. Women made up about 70% of the employees of enterprises and collective farms.

Source: Turan News Agency