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ANADIGICS’ New DOCSIS 3.1 Hybrid Line Amplifier Modules Set the Performance Standard With Best-In-Class MER/BER for Reliable Digital Content Delivery Over Long Distances

WARREN, N.J., Oct. 13, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ANADIGICS, Inc. (Nasdaq:ANAD) (“ANADIGICS” or the “Company”), a world leader in radio frequency (RF) solutions, today introduced a new family of hybrid line amplifier modules optimized for DOCSIS 3.1 infrastructure equipment.  The new ACA47XX line amplifiers integrate ANADIGICS’ proven surface mount solutions and passive components in an industry-standard SOT-115J package.  Equipment manufacturers are able to select from push-pull and power doubler configurations, with various gain and output power levels to ensure optimal DOCSIS 3.1 system performance.

“The new ACA47XX hybrid line amplifier module family raises the bar in performance and reliability,” said James Martin, senior business development director of Infrastructure Products at ANADIGICS.  “These solutions combine our field-proven, highly linear GaAs technology with a high-power GaN output stage to deliver exceptional output power over the full DOCSIS 3.1 frequency band.  With global data consumption continuing to rise, our new DOCSIS 3.1 hybrid line amplifier modules stand out as critical enablers for the anticipated major industry-wide infrastructure upgrade.”

ANADIGICS’ ACA47XX hybrid line amplifier modules combine the Company’s proven MESFET and proprietary high-linearity pHEMT technologies with a GaN output stage (power doublers only) in a common SOT-115J package to deliver outstanding performance and reliability in CATV infrastructure applications.  These line amplifiers offer exceptional composite triple beat (CTB), composite second order (CSO), cross modulation, carrier-to-intermodulation noise (CIN), modulation-error ratio (MER), and bit-error ratio (BER) characteristics for optimal performance in a fully-loaded spectrum.  Two members of the new product family, the ACA4741 and ACA4788, offer record breaking output power to support both analog/digital and completely digital CATV systems.  These solutions deliver world-class performance to enable Node+0 system architectures without active components downstream of the fiber or R-MACPHY node.

ANADIGICS ACA47XX DOCSIS 3.1 Hybrid Line Amplifier Module Family Key Facts and Highlights:

  • Complete family of +24 Vdc solutions in multiple configurations, gain, and output power levels
  • Exceptionally low MER, BER, CTB, CSO, and cross modulation distortion characteristics
  • GaN output stage increases output power, ruggedness, and efficiency (power doublers only)
  • GaAs driver stage provides exceptional linearity, reliability, and low noise
  • Industry standard SOT-115J package to provide greater design flexibility across systems

ANADIGICS ACA47XX DOCSIS 3.1 Hybrid Line Amplifier Module Family:

Product Max Frequency Type Gain Maximum
DC Current
ACA4701 1218 MHz Push-Pull 22 dB 240 mA 45.6 dBmV
ACA4702 1218 MHz Push-Pull 25 dB 240 mA 45.6 dBmV
ACA4703 1218 MHz Push-Pull 28 dB 240 mA 45.6 dBmV
ACA4704 1218 MHz Push-Pull 30 dB 240 mA 45.6 dBmV
ACA4712 1218 MHz Push-Pull 25 dB 290 mA 46.6 dBmV
ACA4713 1218 MHz Push-Pull 28 dB 290 mA 46.6 dBmV
ACA4714 1218 MHz Push-Pull 30 dB 290 mA 46.6 dBmV
ACA4722 1218 MHz Power Doubler 25 dB 430 mA 54.8 dBmV
ACA4723 1218 MHz Power Doubler 28 dB 460 mA 55.6 dBmV
ACA4732 1218 MHz Power Doubler 25 dB 530 mA 59 dBmV
ACA4733 1218 MHz Power Doubler 28 dB 530 mA 57.5 dBmV
ACA4741 1218 MHz Power Doubler 18 dB 900 mA 61 dBmV
ACA4788 1218 MHz Power Doubler 21 dB 850 mA 61 dBmV

*Per channel with all digital loading

Samples of ANADIGICS’ DOCSIS 3.1 hybrid line amplifier modules are available for qualified customers.

ANADIGICS, Inc. (Nasdaq:ANAD) (“ANADIGICS” or the “Company”) designs and manufactures innovative radio frequency (RF) solutions for the growing CATV infrastructure, small-cell, WiFi, and cellular markets. Headquartered in Warren, NJ, the Company offers RF products with exceptional reliability, performance and integration to deliver a unique competitive advantage to OEMs and ODMs for infrastructure and mobile applications. The Company’s award-winning solutions include line amplifiers, upstream amplifiers, power amplifiers, front-end ICs, front-end modules and other RF components. For more information, visit

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