admin June 20, 2016

The risk of creation and the use of nuclear bomb in all regions of the world, even on a limited scale, would have catastrophic and long-lasting consequences for human health, the environment, food production, the climate, and the socioeconomic development, the press service of Austria’s Green party (Die Grunen), told Trend June 20 commenting on the statement of the Armenian MP Hrant Bagratyan that Armenia has nuclear weapons.

“Austria and the Austrian Greens have very strongly called for banning nuclear weapons,” said the press service. “The only way to guarantee that nuclear weapons will never be used again is through their total elimination.”

“All states share the responsibility to prevent the use of nuclear weapons, said the Greens. “In this regard, all UN member states should refrain from threats of creating or using these arms which are the most dangerous weapons on Earth.”

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“We all must act with urgency and determination to advance nuclear disarmament and bring the era of nuclear weapons to an end,” Trend was told.

Further, all countries should refrain from using all other major weapons adaptable to mass destruction, said the Green party’s press service.

“Although, more than 110 states have signed treaties establishing nuclear-weapon-free zones, and nearly all UN member states have committed to refrain from testing nuclear weapons by joining the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) or by establishing moratoria on nuclear testing, much more steps need to be taken to finally have progress in nuclear disarmament and increase security for nuclear materials,” added the press service.

Source: Trend