Azerbaijan slams biased report of European Parliament

BAKU: The Azerbaijani Parliament has strongly condemned the biased and unilateral positions, disregardful of international law and justice, expressed in the European Parliament’s annual report “On the implementation of the common foreign and security policy” dated February 28 and expressed a strong protest in this regard, Trend reports via the parliament’s statement.

The statement noted that the consistent refusal of European structures, particularly the European Parliament, over many years to provide a political and legal assessment of Armenia’s 30-year occupation of Azerbaijani lands, its commitment of the Khojaly massacre, has become a common occurrence in terms of a selective and double-standard approach of these circles.

“However, the European Parliament seemingly intends to persistently seek new ‘achievements’ in its hypocritical and two-faced approach to the South Caucasus region processes. European politicians, seeking to earn ‘political capital’ and making statements impeding peace and stability, a
re persistent in continuing to be instruments in the hands of certain circles.

Several points reflected in the annual report of the European Parliament give grounds to speak precisely about this. Examining some provisions of the report, which coincide with official claims by Armenia, it becomes clear that it was prepared under the influence and under the dictate of the Armenian lobby. This also shows that Azerbaijanophobic and Islamophobic thinking, jingoist, and racist ideology in the European Parliament are increasingly gaining momentum.

The European Parliament and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe openly compete on this issue. This report of the European Parliament not only distorts the existing realities in the South Caucasus region but also has a dangerous character in terms of current processes that are deliberately ignored by the European Parliament.

The report calls for the arming of Armenia clearly reflect the intention to escalate the situation in the region, obstruct the peace
process. The European Parliament has clearly adopted France’s anti-Azerbaijani policy.

The European Parliament should understand that, like the previously adopted biased resolutions, this report has no significance for Azerbaijan. The territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan are undisputable. No one can exert pressure on Azerbaijan. Under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev, our country has already entered a new era of development.

For a strong and determined Azerbaijan, which is reclaiming its territories liberated from occupation, returning displaced people to their homeland, this period also includes international cooperation and partnership based on peace, justice, fairness, and sincerity.

The ‘principles’ followed by the European Parliament are unequivocally rejected by Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijani Parliament strongly condemns the European Parliament’s intention to undermine efforts aimed at ensuring peace and stability in the region and recommends ceasing such futile provocations and f
ocusing on serious and urgent issues concerning Europe,” the statement added.

Source: Trend News Agency