Azerbaijani Defense Minister Conducts Sudden Inspection of Air Defense Units

Baku – Azerbaijan’s Defense Minister, Colonel General Zakir Hasanov, along with other high-ranking officers, conducted a surprise inspection of one of the Air Force’s Air Defense Units for combat training evaluation, as reported by the Ministry to APA on November 19.

According to Azeri-Press News Agency, Colonel General Hasanov assessed the practical skills of commanders in decision-making and the effective use of forces, as well as evaluated the combat training of the units. Following the inspection, he visited a training range to observe practical combat firing exercises conducted by the Air Defense Units.

At the command-and-control post, Hasanov was briefed on the combat training and readiness of the Air Defense Units. The practical firing exercise involved planning and managing combat activities of the Air Defense Units using a command-and-staff vehicle, successfully completing assigned tasks by destroying simulated enemy air targets. The defense minister expressed high satisfaction with the combat training and preparedness of the Air Defense Units, reflecting Azerbaijan’s focus on maintaining a strong and responsive military force.