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“The repair and reconstruction of canals is also an important task. The vast majority of canals built in Soviet times were ground canals. Most of them are still in operation today, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said as he received in a video format Zaur Mikayilov due to his appointment as Chairman of Azerbaijan Melioration and Water Management Open Joint Stock Company, APA reports.


“Of course, ground canals do not enable the transfer of the required quantity of water, and losses occur also because of that. At the same time, this leads to salinization of the soil. Therefore, we must get rid of ground canals. But you have to decide what technologies they will be replaced with. We must establish close contacts with the world’s leading companies in this field and benefit from the experience of countries whose climate is similar to ours. There are countries where water resources are less than ours but productivity is much higher. Therefore, all this must be thoroughly investigated, a proper action plan must be developed and, if necessary, a state program must be adopted so that we can apply the world’s most modern principles in the field of melioration and irrigation in the coming years.


Some time ago, while investigating this issue, I ordered to prepare and submit proposals on the establishment of new small reservoirs. Such suggestions have been submitted. In principle, I have approved them and there are plans to build 10 new reservoirs. You should look at these issues again and analyze them. Because the construction of each reservoir requires major funds. After that, canals should be built and other measures should be taken. All these funds are provided by the state. However, we need to see how investments in this area are consistent with results. What results do we and will we get in return for this investment? Because if it is not calculated correctly, our work will never be fruitful. The development of this area is another manifestation of the state’s attention to the private sector. The state bears all the costs so that farmers and peasants get better crops, create better conditions for themselves and raise their living standards. Given that farmers in the agricultural sector are exempt from all taxes except for the land tax, the development of this sector primarily serves to improve people’s living conditions. This is already regarded in Azerbaijan as some kind of a social sphere. But if we take developed countries, we can see that this is not the case – every liter of water is calculated, meters are installed everywhere, accounting is done correctly and results of the investment are calculated from the beginning. We should have the same practices,” noted the head of state.


Source: Azeri-Press News Agency

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