Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Energy issues 66 permits in six months of this year

In the second quarter of 2022, in accordance with the rules on “Issuance of special permits for goods subject to export control (works, services, results of intellectual activity)”, the Ministry of Energy has issued 37 permits for the export, import and transit of goods (works, services, and results of intellectual activity) that are subject to export control. 34 of the issued permits were related to imports of goods subject to export control, 1 to exports of goods, 2 to the transit of goods.

In total, during the 6 months of this year, the Ministry of Energy issued 66 permits, of which 58 were permits for the import of goods subject to export control, 2 for export and 6 for transit.

All permits were issued through ASAN Service Center No. 5 during the reporting period.

It should be noted that three types of permits are issued through ASAN Service Center. This includes permit for export, re-export, import, re-import and transit of goods subject to export control, permit for circulation of items owned by participants of civil transactions and permitted upon the submission of permission, certificate of the introduction of special economic regime for export-oriented oil and gas activities.

Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency