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Baku Initiative Group issues statement on recent arrests of Kanaks and violence against civilians by French authorities in New Caledonia

The Baku Initiative Group has issued a statement on the recent arrests of Kanaks and the violence against civilians by French authorities in New Caledonia.

AZERTAC presents the statement: ‘The Baku Initiative Group expresses its deep concern regarding the recent arrests and the curfew imposed by French authorities in New Caledonia. The violence by French security forces against the Kanaks in recent days has left many of us deeply troubled.

Banning public gatherings and arresting pro-independence supporters is not the lasting solution. The French Senate and National Assembly must stop the illegal constitutional amendments in New Caledonia. The proposed changes aim to enlarge the electorate at the expense of non-Kanaks in a purposeful manner. This has rightly caused people’s dissatisfaction, including protests and demonstrations.

Unfortunately, over the proposed constitutional amendments in New Caledonia, French security forces have been mobilized and a curfew imposed after a general strike and protests in
the capital city of Noumea and surrounding settlements. As a result of clashes, 82 Kanak civilians have been arrested by law enforcement agencies.

The recent proposed constitutional amendments without considering the opinion of the Kanak people, violence and arrest against civilians who participated in peaceful strikes and in protests have been accompanied by gross violations of various laws, including human rights, freedom of expression, in particular international commitments of France.

As the Baku Initiative Group, we are deeply troubled by the recent incidents taken place in the capital city of Noumea and surrounding areas that have resulted in harms of life. It is imperative that law enforcement agencies respect fundamental human rights. The use of excessive force threatens the safety and dignity of all citizens.

We stand in solidarity with our Kanak friends and support their fair struggle. We demand the France Government to take into account the decision of the Kanak people. The BIG advocates for pea
ceful dialogue, respect for human rights, and a fair resolution to the underlying issues. The right to self-determination is fundamental, and we support those who seek a better and decent future for their own people.’

Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency