admin May 21, 2015

Dodoma. The government has expressed hope of making Dar es Salaam a dirt-free city after it entered into an agreement with a Brazilian company, Best Green Solution, to clean the region using a new recycling technology.

Deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s Office (Regional Administration and Local Government), Mr Kassim Majaliwa, told the Parliament yesterday that the dumping site had already been prepared in Mkuranga District.

“Now, every trash is going to be turned into another useful product, there is no reason to expose piles of trash,” he said.

The decision to bring in the Brazilian company came after realising that the three municipalities in the region were overwhelmed by the burden of garbage collection.

Statistics show that the authorities in the city managed to collect only 2150 tonnes of trash out of 4200 tonnes produced every day.

Mr Majaliwa noted this after Bumbwini lawmaker Haji Ramadhani Salehe (CCM) wanted to know measures the government had taken to make the environment clean in the city.

Dar es Salaam currently holds the 12th position worldwide as the dirtiest city, according to the 2008 Forbes magazine report on the “25 Dirtiest Cities in The World.” In 2010, the city was ranked the eighth dirtiest, according to the international rating company NYC Partnership Consulting.

In the firm’s rating of the 30 dirtiest cities around the globe, Azerbaijan city of Baku was rated the dirtiest, followed by Ethiopia’s Addis Ababa (2nd), Mexico City (3rd), Argentina’s Buenos Aires

(4th) and Madagascar’s Antananarivo (5th).

The capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka, was rated number 6, while

Nepal’s Kathmandu was on number 7, followed by Dar es Salaam.