Web Desk April 22, 2021

In order to expand the international publicity of the achievements of China’s poverty alleviation, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the China recently organized some diplomats in China to go to the Xiangxi rural area of Hunan to investigate the results of poverty alleviation and hold a forum. The delegation included ambassadors, 14 envoys from different countries, the representative of the World Food Program in China and the representative of the International Fund for Agricultural Development in China.

Xiangxi is an area where ethnic minorities gather, and the production and living conditions are relatively difficult. It is one of the typical contiguous poverty-stricken areas in China. Shibadong Village in Huayuan County is the first place where the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party Mr. Xi Jinping proposed “precise poverty alleviation”. The envoys and delegations to China visited the poverty alleviation base of the Camellia oleifera industry in Yongshun County, Shibadong Village in Huayuan County, Changputang Village in Fenghuang County and other places to learn more about the local history, practices and experience of poverty alleviation, and experienced the results of change and development on the spot .

During the forum, the ambassadors and envoys in China highly affirmed China’s poverty alleviation and poverty reduction system, concepts, policies, and effectiveness. Chile’s Ambassador Luiz said that China’s poverty reduction achievements have attracted worldwide attention and he hopes that under the “Belt and Road” initiative, China and partner countries can strengthen cooperation in various fields, especially poverty reduction, and make greater contributions to the world’s poverty reduction efforts. Sierra Leone Ambassador Domana emphasized that China’s poverty alleviation work benefited from the country’s strong leadership, the advanced concept of poverty alleviation first, the poverty alleviation must help the wisdom, and the correct policy guidance.

Qu Sixi, the representative of the World Food Program in China, pointed out that China’s poverty alleviation focuses on cooperation with international organizations, which has produced very good results and influences, this experience is worth learning and promoting. Thomas Thomas, an economic officer at the German Embassy in China, said that the Chinese government’s active and proactive actions in poverty alleviation are impressive.


Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency

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