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City authorities finally develop design code of Bishkek

Bishkekglavarkhitektura has approved a design code of the capital. The Chief Architect of Bishkek, the head of Bishkekglavarkhitektura, Urmat Karybaev, announced at the first Eurasian Symposium for Architecture, Urban Planning and Design ESAUD-2023.

He noted that the design code was introduced recently and approved a month ago.

According to the design code, all the streets will be brought to the appropriate architectural order and will comply with the unified rules of the city design.

«We have drawn up a regulation — 250 sheets, how to put the capital in order. We have already started to work, there are entrance groups on all the main streets that do not comply with the city code, we will bring them in line with the regulations,» he said.

Urmat Karybaev added that another area of Bishkekglavarkhitektura’s work is public spaces. According to him, they have received little attention in recent years.

«We decided to fix it and do a major overhaul. All public spaces occupied by some persons and objects should be vacated and turned into places of rest for people. One example is at the intersection of Abdyrakhmanov and Kievskaya streets. The objects were dismantled there and a modern convenient mini park will appear there. There are many such places. We have 50 projects ready, some are already being implemented,» he said.

Source: News Agency