admin April 20, 2021

“Vaccination process against COVID-19 is currently continued in our country. There are also some people, infected with COVID-19, among those, who received the first dose,” said Head of Policlinics Department in Customs Hospital Tamilla Aliyeva, APA reports.

According to her, many questions appear by taking into consideration the fact: “Is protection from virus needed after vaccine?, Is receive of the second dose during infection possible? How do people can protect themselves from virus after receiving the first dose of the vaccine?

Doctor noted that when you suspect an infection after the first dose, you should absolutely test for COVID-19: “Sometimes symptoms such as tiredness and temperature are observed in people after vaccine, as these are similar to COVID symptoms, just test will give you the right answer. If the result is positive, it means you infected with coronavirus after the first dose. You should immediately isolate yourself and appeal to the doctor. Then you should inform doctor that you received the first dose of vaccine. Receive the second dose of vaccine is not needed after being infected with COVID-19. The second dose is delayed for a long period of time. If you experienced a severe respiratory disease after receiving the first dose of the vaccine against COVID-19, you can receive the second dose after recovery.”

Source: Azeri-Press News Agency