Web Desk March 16, 2021

“Pre-holiday price hike” is the topic of the next issue of the “Difficult Question” program of the Turan agency for March 16, 2021. The guest of the program, expert on agricultural issues Vahid Maharramli spoke about the reasons for the sharp rise in prices for food products.


Due to the small number of jobs in the industrial sector, many are engaged in the sale of agricultural products. The number of such retail facilities reaches 90 thousand. Due to unfavorable conditions, many people do not want to engage in agricultural production. Because of small production volumes, prices also rise. Another reason for the high cost is the monopoly on the wholesale markets. Another reason is the low level of feed production. This does not increase the production of meat and milk.


Maharramli disagrees with the opinion that potato production has significantly increased in 2020. In fact, the needs of the population were met by importing potatoes from Iran.


In addition, due to soil depletion, which leads to a drop in productivity, and the fertilizers used are often of poor quality.


The rise in prices was also affected by a 30% increase in diesel fuel at the beginning of 2021. This leads to higher transportation costs, higher costs and, ultimately, higher prices for goods.


According to Maharramli, vegetable oils rose in price by 45%, cheeses – 20%, fruits – 30-40%.


The expert noted that for 14 years they have been talking about subsidies for agriculture, however, despite the increase in their volume, this did not lead to a decrease in prices. Despite the adoption of various programs for the development of agriculture, there are no serious results. Professionals are not involved in their development and the process itself is conducted without public discussion. — 05D06-


Source: Turan News Agency

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