admin April 29, 2015

Anti-Azerbaijani campaign run from the office of Secretary of State John Kerry is a real tool of pressure on Azerbaijan, political scientist, Professor of Western University Fikret Sadikhov said.

The United States is accustomed to control certain states, dictate rules of behavior, the choice of priorities of domestic and foreign policy, course in relations with neighboring states, Azerbaijani political scientist told Trend.

He made the remarks commenting on the results of the last investigation which revealed the fact that an anti-Azerbaijani campaign is conducted from the office of Secretary of State John Kerry.

And all this is accompanied by reading morals on the subject of human rights and democratic values, he said. But the practice shows and the life confirms that all these rhetorical statements are essentially no more than an instrument of pressure on these countries.

Much is not noticed in obedient, controlled countries, loyal to the official course of Washington, they sometimes even close their eyes to everything, according to the analyst.

Washington’s attitude is particularly biased to countries pursuing an independent political course, selected on the basis of its principles and priorities, said the analyst. As for Azerbaijan, we have become accustomed to the fact that the course, which the country has selected, is an irritant to many political forces outside of Azerbaijan.

As for Kerry himself, the political scientist said that he is a very odious figure.

Suffice it to remind the letter which he, as a senator, wrote to Mikhail Gorbachev in January 1990, said the political scientist. In this letter, he expressed touching concern about Armenians and demanded from Gorbachev to take urgent measures.

The letter was written at the time when a large number of Azerbaijanis were expelled from Armenia and part of them were subject to ethnic cleansing and couldn’t arrive in Azerbaijan at all, he said. That time, no one remembered about these Azerbaijani refugees, no one, including Kerry didn’t talk about the Khojaly genocide committed by Armenia.

He added that all this anti-Azerbaijani campaign is a real tool of pressure on Azerbaijan and reluctance to see it developed and prospering.

The reason is the country’s development, Islamophobia, fear from the strengthening of Azerbaijan’s relations with Turkey which is a serious power in the region. said the political scientist.

The latest investigation revealed that the anti-Azerbaijani campaign is managed from the office of the US State Secretary John Kerry.

The National Endowment for Democracy organization has been ordered to hold this campaign. The organization that is financed from the US budget, has been trying to create the fifth column in Azerbaijan for many years. NED has sent millions of dollars to some NGOs and media structures in Azerbaijan from the sources in the West.