Web Desk March 16, 2021

Today, Azerbaijan celebrates Akhyr Chershenbe – the last Tuesday before Novruz holiday, which marks the beginning of the new year in Azerbaijan and a number of other countries of the east according to the pre-Islamic calendar.


The arrival of Novruz is timed to the day of the vernal equinox – March 22. This year, the New Year will come on March 21, and the day before that, Bayram Akhshamy (the Night before the holiday) is celebrated.


A month before its onset, every Tuesday is celebrated, timed to one of the elements of life. So, every Tuesday symbolizes Water, Fire, Wind and Earth.


According to popular belief, on the last Tuesday, the Earth wakes up, grass begins to sprout, and buds open on the trees.


In Azerbaijan this year, on the occasion of Novruz, there will be 9 days off – from 20 to 28 March.


Source: Turan News Agency

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