Final draw of ‘Pay with card, earn with card’ promo lottery completed

Baku: The Central Bank of Azerbaijan held the final draw of the national ‘Pay with card, earn with card’ promo lottery in February, March and April to boost public interest in digital payments and expand cashless payments.

The lottery was held to promote cashless payments among the population, shape cashless payment habits in economic agents and increase cashless circulation in the economy as part of the assignments to the Central Bank with the ‘Strategic Roadmap on development of telecommunication and information technologies in the Republic of Azerbaijan’ approved by Decree # 1138 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 6 December 2016 and the ‘State Program on expansion of digital payments in the Republic of Azerbaijan’ for 2018-2020 approved by Decree # 508 dated 26 September 2018.

Over the period every cardholder conducting minimum AZN5 (five) worth of cashless operation with payment cards issued by Azerbaijani banks in POS-terminals of economic agents across the country automatically got the right to participate in the lottery. Total 1800 persons won AZN50 over the lottery period.

All types of payment cards issued by Azerbaijani banks, including pension, salary and student cards participated in the lottery and winners got SMS short after the draw.

The lottery was communicated by all possible mass media channels and highlighted in social network pages of the Central Bank and commercial banks to keep the population informed. Some banks presented additional gifts to lottery winners elevating the interest to the campaign. Moreover, using other communication channels actively banks promoted the lottery in the radio and with the help of audio casts in super markets.

Consequently, in February � April the number of cashless operations across the country reached 14.4 mln (AZN922.8 mln) (y/y up by 56% and 57% respectively).

Surveys among bank customers and mass appeals by citizens to the CBA hotline also display high public interest in the lottery. The CBA will continue promo campaigns to expand digital payments in the country.

Source: The Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan