Former Israeli PM visits Red Settlement of Azerbaijan’s Guba district

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who arrived in Azerbaijan to attend the 10th Global Baku Forum, has today visited the country’s Guba district.

As he visited the Guba District Executive Authority Office, the former PM was briefed about the history and path of development of Guba district, as well as the ethnic minorities and the tolerant environment existing in the district.

Ehud Olmert also familiarized himself with the Red Settlement (also known as Girmizi Gasaba), the largest settlement of Mountain Jews in Azerbaijan. He also viewed the Museum of Mountain Jews, as well as Gilaki and Six Dome Synagogues.

Known as “Jerusalem of the Caucasus”, the Red Settlement is the second densely populated Jewish settlement after Israel, with local Jewish community preserving its customs and traditions over the years. The religious community and the Culture Center of Mountain Jews also operate in the settlement.

Founded in the mid-18th century during the rule of Fatali Khan of the Guba Khanate, the settlement comprised over 10 synagogues, with Jewish community living peacefully together with Azerbaijani people.

Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency