February 7, 2021

Georgia exported 5,604 tons of fats and oils and their fractions of fish or marine mammals, totaling $9.35 million to Turkey from January through November 2020, Trend reports referring to Georgian National Statistics Office (Geostat).

On an annual basis, Georgia increased products’ export to Turkey by 3,910 tons.

Over the same period last year, 1,694 tons of fats and oils and their fractions, of fish or marine mammals were exported by Georgia to Turkey for a total amount of $2.8 million.

Turkey ranked first in Georgia’s commodity circulation in the reporting period.

From January through November 2020, total imports from Turkey to Georgia amounted to $1.25 billion. In turn, Georgia exported goods worth $171.4 million to Turkey.

The foreign trade turnover of Georgia with Turkey in the reporting period exceeded $1.42 billion, which is 14 percent of Georgia’s total trade turnover.

The external merchandise trade (excluding non-declared trade) of Georgia amounted to $10.20 billion from January through November 2020, 14.6 percent lower than the same period of 2019.

The exports equaled $3.01 billion (11.3 percent lower), while the imports stood at $7.18 billion (15.9 percent lower). The negative trade balance was $4.16 billion from January through November 2020 and its share in external trade turnover constituted 40.9 percent.


Source: TREND News Agency

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