Gold, silver, platinum prices in Azerbaijan increase

The price of gold went up in Azerbaijan on September 14 compared to the previous price, Trend reports referring to the data published by the Central Bank of Azerbaijan (CBA).

The price of gold increased by 10.9055 manat or $6.41 (0.33 percent) and amounted to 3,309.424 manat or $1,946.72 per ounce.

The price of silver grew by 0.2409 manat or 14 cents (0.53 percent) and amounted to 45.5867 manat ($26.82).

The price of platinum rose by 21.7345 manat or $12.78 (1.38 percent) and amounted to 1,597.7025 manat ($939.82).

The price of palladium went up by 61.693 manat or $36.29 (1.59 percent) and amounted to 3,950.817 manat ($2,324.01).

In monthly terms, the price of gold slipped by 12.019 manat or $7.07 (0.4 percent) per ounce, silver went down by 0.8769 manat or 52 cents (1.9 percent) per ounce, platinum dropped by 30.2515 manat or $17.79 (1.9 percent) per ounce, while palladium climbed by 279.633 manat or $164.49 (7.6 percent).

On annualized basis, the price of gold spiked by 763.079 manat or $448.87 (30 percent), silver grew by 14.882 manat or $8.75 (48.5 percent), platinum declined by 16.2775 manat or $9.57 (1 percent) and palladium surged by 1,211.981 manat or $712.93 (44.3 percent).

Precious metals are gold, silver, platinum and metals of platinum group (palladium, iridium, ruthenium, rhodium, and osmium) brought to the highest fineness (999.9).

The precious metals are sold as ingots, coins or powder and have the appropriate quality certificates.

Troy ounce is a unit of mass equal to 31.1034768 grams.

(1 USD = 1.7 manat on Sept.14)


Source: TREND News Agency

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