Web Desk March 13, 2021

Influential foreign media reported on the suspension of the use of the AstraZeneka vaccine in a number of countries – Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Italy, after information about serious side effects appeared. Azerbaijan has signed an agreement to supply 432,000 doses of this vaccine.


In this regard, we tried to find out from TƏBIB how they assess the current situation and what steps they plan to take.


A representative of TƏBİB, either for press relations or with the public, demanded that the Turan correspondent formally apply to their organization in writing. On the website of this organization, there is no link to the structure for public relations and press. There is a MEDIA section, but it is not for communicating with journalists.


No law or regulation requires journalists to apply in writing and, unfortunately, government agencies often resort to such tricks to avoid a response.


Director of Turan agency Mehman Aliyev tried to get the information himself. He went to the site https://its.gov.az/ and sent a request for information in a general manner through the section for appeals for citizens https://its.gov.az/page/elektron-muraciet. There is no special section for the press.


I received a letter press@its.gov.az (There is no such email on the site). They advised to contact: info@tabib.gov.az, tel. 012 310 17 70 (This email is also missing on the site). The director sent a letter to this address. Then called, but no one answered the phone calls at the other end.


I tried to call the hot number 1542 and was 14th in the caller queue. The robot warned to wait 30 minutes, but I did not want to stand in a virtual queue with an unclear final answer.


Question to officials at TƏBIB: Would you wait 30 minutes for an answer yourself? Are you not ashamed to force citizens to line up to get your high reception?


A day passed. No answer. 24 hours is the deadline that the Media Law gives officials to respond to journalists. To such a simple question, the answer should be prompt and complete. This is required by law.


Judging by the situation described, TƏBIB can be called an opaque organization. The structure and content of the site and the current vicious relationship with society and the media confirm this.


“This approach grossly blocks and violates the right of journalists to receive information,” Aliyev said. “We hope that the Human Rights and Information Ombudswoman Sabina Aliyeva will pay attention to the activities of TƏBIB in its informational part and will take measures to change the policy of secrecy towards openness to society and the media.”


The director said that he would seek from the respectful attitude of TƏBIB officials to journalists and their professional work.


“I am waiting for a response from TƏBIB to the information request. Otherwise, I will seek it in court,” said Mehman Aliyev, director of the Turan agency.


Source: Turan News Agency

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