Web Desk February 18, 2021

The amount of precipitation in all of the country except the Absheron peninsula decreased by 10-15%, according to the summary and results of the researches on climate change conducted at the Institute of Geography of ANAS, APA reports.


It has been noted that in general, the number of extreme hydrometeorological events in the country has not increased. The most critical situation has been observed in the Kur river, its water consumption is close to the ecological minimum, and the river ecosystem is in danger of extinction.


It was noted that the effect of the climate changes on the Caspian Sea has separately investigated, the cause-and-effect relationships between solar activity and sea-level changes have been studied and given the long-term forecast of level changes on this basis. The probability of a sharp change in the level has been forecasted to be very low in the near future.


Source: Azeri-Press News Agency

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