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International Turkic Culture and Heritage Foundation hosts event titled “Solidarity of the children of the Turkic world”

The International Turkic Culture and Heritage Foundation has hosted an event titled “Solidarity of the children of the Turkic world”.

Dedicated to the December 31 – International Solidarity Day of Azerbaijanis and the New Year, the event aimed to bring together children from different Turkic countries and demonstrate the rich traditions and cultural heritage of the Turkic people.

President of the International Turkic Culture and Heritage Foundation Gunay Afandiyeva opened the event by noting that it is such a joy to see children in this place, because they give the ambiance of the Turkic world. Gunay Afandiyeva resembled the Turkic World to a “Great Tree” and “the Turkic people to the branches of this tree while children are blossoms on those branches.”

Noting that December 31 – International Solidarity Day of World Azerbaijanis will be celebrated in Azerbaijan, Gunay Afandiyeva also extended this holiday to the entire Turkic world by expressing that “The solidarity of the Turkic nations was demonstrated to the entire world in Karabakh Victory and in restoration of liberated lands”. At the same time, this year the entire Turkic world has ceremonially celebrated the anniversaries of great poets such as Nizami Ganjavi, Yunus Emre, Alisher Navoi and other great artists.

Congratulating the children on the New Year, the President of the Foundation wished them to support each other in the future, not only in the family, but among the entire Turkic world. Gunay Afandiyeva noted that she believes the 21st century will be “a prosperity era of the Turkic World.”

Chairman of the State Committee for Family, Women and Children Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan Bahar Muradova noted that children are the extension of life, our hope, salvation and development. Everyone goes through this cycle. First, intention is born as a dream and then they become a personality and begin to benefit the people they represent.

Bahar Muradova resembled children to seeds planted in soil, noting that if the soil is fertile, the flowers, blossoms and trees planted there would grow and develop quickly. “In the entire Turkic world anyone who considers themselves a Turk will have the same approach, because our unity is sustained by one source. For us, family, children and the united future are very important factors. I believe that children will be like a majestic plane tree and protect the values of the entire Turkic World” said Bahar Muradova.

Turkish Ambassador to Azerbaijan Cahit Bagci said: “This place accommodates history, culture and literature. The International Turkic Culture and Heritage Foundation not only participate in the recognition of the great characters of the Turkic people, but also in events dedicated to their names. Since these are our ancestral lands, we must pass on everything that is the root of our brotherhood to new generations; preserve the culture, history and prodigies of the entire Turkic World, extending from Kazakhstan to Turkey. In this sense, it is a special joy to see children from different Turkic nations here.” At the end of his speech, the ambassador stressed that the Turkish-Azerbaijani brotherhood will be further strengthened and developed.

At the event, children from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and Turkmenistan read poems and sang songs belonging to the countries they represent.

On the sidelines of the event, the impressions of fairy-tale heroes were revived and national dances of Turkic countries were demonstrated at the performance of the “Chichayim” children’s theater and “Azerbaijani Pearls” dance group of the Child and Youth Development Center No. 3 of the Ministry of Education.


Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency