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Iran: Azarbayejan Earthquake 2022 DREF Application (MDRIR012)

What happened, where and when?


According to the Iranian Seismological Center, a 5.4 magnitude earthquake has hit Khoy city in Azarbayejan Gharbi province of North-Western of Iran on 5 October 2022 at 03:51 am local time. So far, 42 aftershocks (the biggest one with 4.6 Richter at 17:21 local time has hit the region). The affected area consists of 2 provinces and 8 cities (53 villages) with a total population of approximately 3,195 households (11,288 people). Azarbayejan Gharbi is the most hit province and cities of Khoy, Salmas and Chaypareh are among the most affected cities. Morteza Gholi Kendi is the most hit village located in Khoy City. People in Azarbayejan Sharghi has felt the wemor. Iran is a prone country to several disasters specially earthquake due to the active faults in several regions of the country. The activated fault in this region which caused this earthquake is called Siyah Cheshme-Khoy. The Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) responded to Azerbaijan Gharbi (most effected province amongst two hit provinces)


Scope and Scale


According to the Emergency Medical Services (EMS), 1,127 individuals were injured. Some 112 buildings have been totally destroyed, and some infrastructures damaged, such as gas leakage, water pipes and electricity. Cracks on the walls of buildings can be seen primarily in the areas near the epicenter and surrounding villages. 53 villages were assessed rapidly by the IRCS rapid response teams. One person is injured due to rubble and 1,126 persons while escaping their houses.


Source: International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies