Iranian rial falls to historic low

BAKU, Azerbaijan, The national currency of Iran – rial, reached a historical low against the US dollar, on November 2, Trend reports referring to Iranian media.


Currently, the price of $1 on the black market in Iran is around 344,000 rials. The figure stood at 337,000 rials this morning.


Economic sanctions against Iran by the US and Western Europe countries, ongoing protests, inflation, as well as other problems show that the economic situation in the country is becoming more complicated day by day.


In Iran, the official exchange rate is used for the import of some essential products.


SANA system is a system introduced by the Central Bank of Iran to the currency exchange offices, where the price of 1 euro is 284,771 rials, and the price of $1 is 288,445 rials.


NIMA is a system intended for the sale of a certain percentage of the foreign currency gained from export.


The price of 1 euro in this system is 270,901 rials, and the price of $1 is 274,396 rials.


Source: TREND News Agency

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