Iran’s gold coin price increases

BAKU: After selling for 408 million rials (about $1,100) on June 2, the new edition of Iran’s Bahar Azadi gold coin went on sale for 409 million rials (approximately $1,103) on June 3, Trend reports via the Iran Jewellery Association’s web portal.

Meanwhile, the prior edition of the coin was sold for 377 million rials (about $1,016).

The other versions of the new Bahar Azadi gold coin (different in weight and content) include 1/4 Bahar Azadi gold coins and 1/2 Bahar Azadi gold coins.

A 1/2 gold coin was sold for about 232 million rials (about $626), and a 1/4 gold coin was sold for about 152 million rials (about $410).

The price of one gram of 18-karat gold stood at 33.6 million rials (about $90.7).

To note, the coins appeared in Iran following the Islamic Revolution’s victory in 1979. The Central Bank of Iran issued the coins, making them available for wholesale and retail sales.

The bank minted the old gold coins between 1979 and 1991 before issuing new ones.

Source: Trend News Agency