admin April 25, 2021

The Movement for Democracy and Welfare of Azerbaijan (MDWA) issued a statement in which it expressed regret that the by US President Joe Biden called the events of 1915 “Armenian genocide”. TH MDWA condemns the historical distortion of the events of 1915 and their politicization for populist purposes. While the modern world expects calls for peace and tranquility from the US President, such a statement by Biden is a blow to unity and solidarity, the LABA said in a statement.

The authors of the document point out that in conditions when the world community has recently witnessed the Armenian atrocities in Karabakh, Biden’s statement will harm not only the American-Turkish relations, but will negatively affect the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh problem.

At the same time, Russia will receive additional political opportunities in countering the Western democratic value in its Caucasian policy, according to the MDWA. While strongly condemning Biden’s statement, the MDWA expresses strong support for Turkey’s just position.

The MDWA was established in February 2016. It is headed by economist-scientist Gubad Ibadoglu.

Source: Turan News Agency